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Current Bugs noted

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Here’s a list of bugs or unexpected behaviour that don’t create crash report’s I’ve noted from playing DS pocket+:

- Wilson’s beard will disappear when restoring from saved file.

- The game will periodic freeze.

- unexpected OS behaviour on iPadOS, namely adjusting volume does not allow the overlay for the volume slider to appear on screen.

- XP stops generating if player tries to save scrub on death (or is XP no longer generated after Woody unlocked?)

While not a bug:

- keyboard/mouse integration for iPadOS to allow complete DS experience. 



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Ver 1.19.2


The Android version of this new update does not allow creation of the vanilla / original Don't Starve world or custom worlds. Always creates RoG world and ignores presets. I was playing the original Don't Starve and the new update put my existing player in RoG and he died due to overheating mid game. When I try to set presets in a new game creation, such as 'no moles' and 'more Beefalo' it ignores them. Please fix this bug so I can go back to playing the original game or make maps that are more enjoyable.

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