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Please help with "SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier" error

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Hi! I'm, um, a bit of a fan of woodie xD, I've been playing with him for years and a few months ago I started exploring what mods he had in workshop about, most of them weren't to my liking but a certain mod amazed me because of how much fun it was towards the transformations of woodie, they are more expensive but much more efficient, it has been a lot of fun to play with this mod, although sadly the creator of it seems to be disconnected perhaps forever, what happens is that since the last update, the mod crashed the game, I could see that the cause of the error was "SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier", I started to investigate and discovered that all the existing woodie mods in the workshop have this same error, absolutely all of them. But in this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=846748508 was the only one in which someone noticed the error and the author corrected it, I feel therefore, this is the only mod that has corrected the "SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier" that now all mods of woodie have, therefore, I went to the files of my favorite woodie mod, notice that its folder is in the folder "mods" inside the folder "Don't Starve Together", and that therefore it was accessible to all mod files, notice that in the file "woodie.lua" there is the option "inst.components.stormwatcher: SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier (TUNING.SANDSTORM_SPEED_MOD)" so I guess this is what needs to be corrected to make it work again , I decided that it would be easy to see the same "woodie.lua" from the aforementioned mod, to see how he fixed it and implement it here. but... the mod is in the "cached_mods" folder, therefore I do not have access to the file and thus know what to move here for this to be solved, neither will my steam account let me contact Noddharath, so I am in a dead end and my last option is to ask here. Does anyone know what should be moved in "inst.components.stormwatcher: SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier (TUNING.SANDSTORM_SPEED_MOD)" so that it stops giving error? or does anyone know any medoto to decrypt the cached_mods? Please, I would greatly appreciate your help, I will leave captures of the error and the woodie's file here if it is helpful



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Seems like the last update changed the part of the sandstorm stormwatcher component to a new component sandstormwatcher, so you just need to change

inst.components.stormwatcher:SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier (TUNING.SANDSTORM_SPEED_MOD)


inst.components.sandstormwatcher:SetSandstormSpeedMultiplier (TUNING.SANDSTORM_SPEED_MOD)

If you want to see how a certain mod did something, just subscribe to the mod and you will be able to see it either in SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Don't Starve Together/mods or (for the newer oder newly updated mods) SteamLibrary/steamapps/workshop/content/322330.

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