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Help a casual clear some content

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Hi There,

With the new content releasing today I have a slight dilemma.

I love this game and have clocked around 680 hours in DST and 460 hours in DS so I know my way around surviving in a world. But nonetheless I am just a casual player and there is a HUGE amount of content that I never touched. I usually play to relax from a stressful day and either create a new world and play around or hop on an official server for a few hours. I rarely play a world above day 200. That is why I am typically only busy with base building and exploring most of the time.

On my To Do List are following achievements:

  • Killing Bee Queen reliably (only killed her once or twice)

  • Killing Dragonfly comfortably (only got her 4 or 5 times yet)

  • Full Moon Event and killing the Shadow Pieces

  • Killing Ancient Fuel Weaver

  • Killing Toadstool

  • Killing Enraged Toadstool

  • Explore the ocean content more

  • Killing the Malbatross and the Crab King

  • Growing Giant Crops

So.. with the new content on the horizon I get the feeling that my list will only expand. Do you have any tips how to check my list in a productive way (with solo play in mind)? Where should I start? Do you have the same problem with new content releasing that you might never be able to touch? The new content looks awesome, but I might never see it happen in my game..


- Jibbi

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