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Make cave version of telelocating

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So in the ruins i taught those people are supposed to be masters at magic and how come they have no teleportation while surface has that does not make sense

So my suggestion is make a telepoting thing that works same as wormholes but you have to wait for nightmare phase to teleport because well nightmares are awake nightmare fuel level is high

The teleportation costs 10 purple gems 10 thulecite 1 thulecite medallion and 25 nightmare fuel

it has infinite uses and when you craft the teleportation thing you get 2 of them to link each other and you can not make multiple of them but you can craft 

You can craft lets say 20 of them but if you place down third it explodes (without damage and causes earthquake and gives everything back)

If one of them gets hammered down or gets destroyed from some boss it drops half the cost in the other side both sides gets destroyed and triggers nightmare phase 

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