Issue with stim dose in the Switch version

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I haven't seen this issue adressed anywhere so far and it doesn't seem like there is a way around it but here it is. When you want to use a stim dose while standing next to one of your other agents, an icon pops up next to the adjacent agent which allows you (in the PC version) to click on it to apply the stim to the adjacent agent. It's a shortcut to allow using the stim without having to swap items and use the stim on an agent with too low speed to use it himself. I thought the touch screen function of the console would allow me to click on it, but none of the icons are clickable, only scrolling of the map and rotation seems supported by the touch screen. Unless there is something in the controls I didn't find, the only other way would be to swap the stim back and forth between the agents, but unfortunately it only works if the receiving agent also has high enough speed to use it himself. My hopes are pretty low in having this issue resolved, but I still wanted to bring it up.

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