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Bug Report: Small Sign crash, Invisible Ewecus

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I’m playing Don’t starve pocket edition on a iphone, and found various new bugs and still existing bugs in the new update. When a small sign that have been drawn upon is dug up, it crashes the game, a small sign with nothing on it works normally. Ewecus appears, but are completely invisible, and so are their drops, the meat drop normally, but the steel wool and slime is invisible. Some pre-existing bugs that’s only partially fixed, giants don’t spawn, specifically dragonfly and beargear, moose and eyeclop spawns fine, but the other 2 giants don’t spawn even when spawn rate settings are set to max. Also entering ruins still crashes a lot of peoples game, soft locking them when entering, and make their world completely in accessible, a lot of people in the dont starve discord have encountered this problem and so have i, losing a 307day wilson world. Please fix these issues

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