DRM-Free Hamlet and GOG Connect Support?

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I recently have purchased the entire collection of the Don't Starve games and DLC's from Steam, and later found that you can get DRM-Free copies of the content from the Klei website. Most of the content is available there, but I have noticed that Hamlet is absent. This can be presumed to be due to "Don't Starve: Hamlet"  being currently unavailable on HumbleBundle, which the DRM-Free page works off of. Interestingly, DRM-Free versions of Hamlet can be found on GOG games, but this is not a viable alternative, since Don't Starve lacks GOG Connect support (This means you would have to purchase the DLC a second time to play it DRM-Free.)

Now, having DRM copies of games isn't all that important to me, currently Steam has given me minimal issues, and hopefully will remain that way for a great deal of time to come. Nonetheless, I find it reassuring to have something to fall back on in the unlikely scenario of any conflicts arising with Steam or my Steam account..

Singleplayer Don't Starve has been highly neglected as of late, and the DRM-Free copies have been neglected even more-so. For this reason, I believe that everyone at Klei Entertainment should make an effort to give Don't Starve and all its associated DLC compatibility with GOG Connect. This would greatly ease the process of having the list of DRM-Free versions be completely up to date, as all of Don't Starve's associated content is already available on GOG Games. Generally, this approach would be far more accessible to those that want DRM-Free versions than the current system that is in place.



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