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How to do character + item mods together?

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Heyo! Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question, I'm new to modding and have searched everywhere but can't seem to find an answer because my question is so simple, haha. Basically, I've made a character mod. It works! She's all done! However, I want to add an item in with this character.

I've already made the item and it works in the game (I was bored without internet one time), but they're currently two "separate" mods. I'm simply not sure how to... combine them, so to speak? The mod is a bomb, and I want only her to be able to craft it. I don't care who else equips/uses it, honestly. So they need to come as a package. If I just put both mods in a folder in the mod folder it just... doesn't register either of them.

Ultimately I'm just curious if I actually need to fully combine the code (IE, combine the 'modinfo' and 'modmain' stuff), and if so, HOW to do that. I have everything, I just need to know where exactly it goes, so to speak, so they work together when I end up publishing it to the workshop.

I also need to know how to make it only craftable by her; which I feel like I should be able to find, but if you guys have the time it would save me some ^^

Edit: Alright, this might not even be an issue, but I have a question. I plan on making this character part of a pack of 3 characters- and I want all 3 of these characters to be able to craft the bomb. If I make each character mod separate but have the same bomb for all of them (it's the same exact item) attached to each individual character, will that cause any issues?

Thank you!

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I've made a heavy guide and tutorial collection about these topics. You can find it here:

[Guide] The Big Book of DST Character Creation - Tutorials and Guides - Klei Entertainment Forums

If you're curious about more specific examples, check out my mod's files. It has two characters, each of them with an unique item (Important note: the custom headgear replaces the entire look of the character, so watch out for that):

Steam Műhely::TheVR Survivors (steamcommunity.com)

If you'll still have remaining questions, feel free to ask me again.

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