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Small-ish suggestions from someone who recently put 20 hours into the game

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I'm in my early 30's and recently purchased Hot Lava after being gone from the PC gaming scene for the past 12 or so years. This is undoubtedly one of the best games I have ever played and it's especially refreshing since everything nowadays seems to be so focused on strong narratives over pure unadulterated gameplay. 

Here's some things I've come across that I feel could use some improvement...

-Intro should be listed first (before Gym Class) in the course selection, to keep consistency, a star should appear on it after completion

-All Course Marathon (trial) should require you to beat all courses one after another without dying, as of now, there's nothing "Impossible" nor rewarding about it

-Collecting cards is fun but can get a little tedious when you're missing those last few. It would be helpful to let the player know how many cards are accessible in a specific level and how many they've collected (e.g. You've collected 4/18 cards in Recess)

-Turning off Auto Grab should make it so you have to click to grab each consecutive ledge, rope, etc. At the moment, keeping the mouse button clicked essentially activates Auto Grab

-Clicking on an item you don't own in the player customization menu should tell you what level you need to be or what you need to do to unlock it

...and that's about all I have. Thanks for making this amazing game.

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I also forgot to mention that Master Class should appear before Intro in the course selection to better convey to the user that it is an area for optional advanced challenges.

P.S. I can tell the devs are fans of Quake III CPMA.

Lastly, we need a whole world that's comprised of levels like Bouncy Castle. It's the best level in the game, imo.

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