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The tragic tale of ''Fish-City''

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So to give a lil' bit of backstory: I was on a dedicated serwer with 11 other people. I was wurt, someone else who has already been playing there was also Wurt! SO i decided that we need to start a city together! It was going great! By the time it was day 18 we already had everything like: merm houses, a king tapestry, a farm, a clean area for a place to stay. We even went sailing on day 22. When day 25 rolled around my wurt friend had to leave. I stayed and preapered some more for winter and deerclops. The serwer was empty by the time i had a: king and stone fruit. But then.....it happened. I started to have lag as you normally do, at the time i didn't realise i was going straight to a pig king. I died. There was no one playing, no touchstones that were close enough to the base. Then day 30 came. The demise of Fish-Town. I was waiting there for my friend to return to revive me but then....i hear IT. Deerclops shows up he destroyed all my hard work in front of my eyes. The king died, then the troops started attacking but to no avail, the building crumble down,only leaving piles of rubbish and what was left of the building me and my friend worked so hard to build.

And even this is only a game, i helt pain when it all got destroyed. 

But anyway the moral of the story? Get better wifi.

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