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interacting materials with each other

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In similar ways that oxylite re-sublimates and mud drips water the other materials could interact with others. I.e. dirt could dissolve in water into a mud. Depends on materials (i.e. polluted mud or polluted water) it could ends up with polluted mud. salt dropped into a water should turn it into a salt water and salt water into a brine. Of course there should be put caps to do not dissolve infinite amount of water into 1 kg of dirt and to not make all those instantly but at the given ammount of speed (g/s).

Here are changes to materials that comes to my mind:

water + dirt -> mud
polluted water + dirt -> polluted mud
water + polluted dirt -> polluted water
polluted water + polluted dirt -> polluted mud
salt + water -> salt water
salt water + salt -> brine
refined carbon + polluted water -> carbon + water
refined carbon + polluted oxygen -> carbon + oxygen
refined carbon + oxygen -> CO2 + heat (this three will change balance of stocking refined carbon to favour of making production lines or rebuilding storage facilities)
iron + oxygen -> rust + heat
iron + salt water -> rust + heat
bleach stone + water -> bleach (I don't know what it does but evaporates to chlorine and leaves no trace of surface germs, probably something useless because it turns all submerged steel an iron including buildings into a rust)

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I personnaly don't really care about most of them but one that I would really like is a way to get salt water frome brine or salt to be able to grow letuce without requiering a salt geyser and being able to use a brine one.

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