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a few performance related suggestions

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Hello Klei :)

Thank you for bringing so much joy and hours of entertainments in to our lives. Oxygen not included is the first game in my life that I've played hundreds of hours and still, I can't get enough of it.

You've been smashing some really nice features to the DLC and let me tell you something, the fact that you've decided to work on the new DLC, specially during the pandemic and lockdown, and gives us more things to play the game, It's much appreciated. I'm sure many others share this feeling as i do.

You guys are stars! 

I know the the DLC is still work in progress and its in early access. I think you are aware of some performance issues some of us have been experiencing when playing the game. While playing the game, the longer it goes, the more drop in fps we experience. 

I think people of average CPUs have been hit worst, I had to stop playing my recent play-through around 400 cycle when the lag simply became unbearable. 

Which is a bit unfortunate, I like to play more and I still feel there are loads of things I want to try in game. So the game hasn't stopped being "Fun" but rather I'm not able to enjoy it anymore because FPS drops so low that it become frustrating to play. 

I like to share some suggestions with you:

- Could you consider using Unity's burst complier to unlock more performance in the game? 

- Could you gives us some options to disable some aspect of the game's graphic, eg animations? I happily trade some graphical niceties with more fps.

- Could you consider adding an option to choose the world size when starting a game? I know this is possible by modifying world templates (in yaml format), however doing so i usually end up in a really unbalanced world. 

Thanks for considering these suggestions and once again, thanks for making such a great game, Klei! :couple_inlove:


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