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Dedicated Moded Server for making a Mega Base

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Hi Guys! :)
I'm gonna describe to you all you want to know in three parts. So, let's go:

Who AM I?

I've played DST for about 700 h though I'm not the master of the game but know 95% of the game's tricks.
I currently want to find people to play with them and make a Megabase, really a Huge one!

What's the feature of the server?

1. Has 6 slots now but can be upgraded to ply with +10 people.

2.Its a modded server. Some mods are decorative, some help to play without pain like Global Pos, Auto stack & Quick Pick and some of them add new structures to the game. Also, all events are enabled in the game!

3.I currently playing at this server to find possible bugs and test mods & until day 200 there is no problem. I gonna reset the world when I find enough people to play!

4.It would be open at 3 to 8 PM (base on GMT time zone) [depending on people timing its possible to change it or let it open 24/7]

5.Server has a discord/steam group for chatting and planning every day before we start the server.


What person I need?

1.at least 100 - 150 hour DST playing should be visible on his/her steam profile cuz I'm getting tired of watching people (eating mandrakes/killing all goats&beefs/ dying repeatedly and don't know anything about kite!)

2.All should know what R U doing now or what U wanna do. So, talking and having a plan during the game is the most important rule of this server!

3.You must Ask anything you don't know. don't test or experience strange things!

4. it's not a social server like Klei servers it's a serious cooperative server.


Violating the rules has permanent BAN in consequence!
Add me on Steam! [Friend Code: 236384854]


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