World generation in no sweat mode

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I’ve played this game for years and I absolutely love everything about it, But sadly I’ll never be good enough at the survival aspect of games to not die a lot, I just don’t have that knack for survival technique, so I always find it much more relaxing to play don’t starve in no sweat mode so that I can just chill and make cool bases and do whatever I want, so I’ve just been doing that for a really long time (it never gets boring), but one thing I did notice is that in no sweat mode it seems that deserts don’t generate with hound mounds and cacti and everything that you get in the classic mode. so I’m writing this suggestion to propose that an option is added to the world generation options which allows you to toggle the generation of desert biomes, so that everyone can enjoy all aspects of the classic game mode but with no worry of losing it all, or if this option would be quite difficult to implement, simply an option to generate the Resurrection statue in classic mode

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