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Beefalo taming QoL Suggestions

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I absolutely loved the changes to beefalos in this recent update. Giving them skins, being able to pick objects without dismounting, bringing them down to CAVES, these are very welcome changes. However, they aren't nearly enough. You see, beefalo taming is such a tedious task, and I usually tame 2 in my worlds. One rider and one ornery. I use the rider to traverse the world, find the loot stash, collect reeds, and other stuff that need speed. With a glossamer saddle, you can reach 300% the speed of a default character! And the ornery, is just some next level ****. With a war saddle, you can think of it as a infinite dark sword with 1000 health, and very high speed, capable of kiting everything with ease. It makes fights like klaus, dragonfly, moose/goose, etc such a treat. And, you can heal him with any veggie food and they will benefit 4x the heal value of any food. So basically, a stack of roasted potatoes is enough for a year round of fighting, assuming that you're horrible at kiting. Because if you're good at kiting, you don't even need any healing. Since they even regenerate health!

So they have so many upsides that dedicating at least 15 days to tame them, is absolutely justified. HOWEVER, the thing that is not justified in the slightest, is how ambiguous their stats are. Like, why ??? Imagine playing Woodie without knowing how long you have left before the were-meter runs out. Or sailing a boat, but instead of displaying the health, you just see a few cracks when it reaches bellow 20% health. It's not fun, it's not even logical, it's nothing but irritating. Specially when you consider how important managing your beefalo's health and hunger is. Since if they reach 0, you will lose everything you've done 24/7 in those 15 days. I don't wanna babysit 2 fat cow who need 2 new salt licks every 15 days! I once got stuck in the ruins and when I got back, I had to roll back 4 days just to rush back and make them extra salt licks because they starved and lost all their domestication points. And yes, the salt lick mechanics are as ambiguous as the beefalo stats. Sometimes they drain so fast, sometimes they drain so slow, sometimes both beefalos somehow start using the same one... It's such a nightmare to keep track of them, not because it's challenging. Because it's vague and inconvenient. So I suggest these solutions:

1. Make their stats appear when you ride them. Just like boats. All we need to know is health and hunger (It'd be cool to see domestication level as well but, it's not necessary)

2. Make salt licks show their percentage, or even better, add an structure to act as barn or stable. Imagine something that has a storage like a chest, which you can put veggies in it for them to eat. With the new farming, you can mass produce giant crops in every spring, and just hoard veggies. Then you can put the stacks in their stable so they can eat it over time. This can exist along with the salt licks, so players can choose their preferred method. Personally, I have massive issues managing my nitre supply because you technically need salt licks not only near your base, but also in other places that you visit regularly. And salt lick is not the only use for nitre, God damint! Having a stable for them to stock pile food, eliminates the need to babysit the beefalos. There can also be a version with ice box properties, which can hold the food for longer. It might seem a bit overpowered, but it makes for a fine boss drop. (This topic can also be applied to birdcage. It'd be nice if birdcage had storage so we could put seeds in it. Because it also solves a bigger problem: Clicking a million times to feed a stack of food to your livestock.)

That's all I got. I also would like to know if feeding them chili flakes and garlic powder, buff their stats. If somebody know this, please let me know as well.

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