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[SOLVED] modding custom character perks

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Hello! ive been trying to code for a custom character and theres a couple things I wanted to add but had troubling adding. if anyone could help with parts of this, thaht would be great!

We're making a pig character.
-chance of extra gold from pigking

- 10 sanity from giving gift to pigking

-werepigs dont aggro

-lose more sanity at night/dusk

-food is .75 effective


Werepig form:

-When hunger is less than or equal 30:

     -lose sanity twice as fast

     - lose hunger twice as fast

     -x2 speed

     -like werebeaver/weregoose/weremoose, no access to items, base attack is 65

     -(idk if this is possible)

-when hunger isgreater than 30:

     -falls asleep, for 10 seconds, after turning back to normal, gaining sanity(id kif this is possible


Again, help on any of these would be great! thanks in advanced!



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