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[client-only] Find server "shard"/"slot" on locally hosted server?

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I'm trying to get the Server chat logs as a local host (ie: hosting the server on my PC), with a [client-only] mod

This works from both Main Menu, and Ingame, as the "host" in Local console

TheSim:GetPersistentStringInClusterSlot(6, "Master", "../server_chat_log.txt", function(op, data) print(data) end)

When my server is "Cluster_6"

And as far as I can see from the /scripts/

this "slot" number should come from




Both of which do exist in GLOBAL

But trying to get "slot" from them, I get either nil, or 0, even server-side :/


My current idea is to try to hook in to when the server loads, and "save" the latest slot that was loaded.

But was wondering if anyone had a less hacky way?

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