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Wendy being "too op"

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Wendy receives 20% more damage than other survivors and deals 30% less damage at her base. Abigail starts at 100, 200, and 300 health depending on how long she has lived with 25, 35, or 45 damage depending on the time of day. Her damage distribution is also back to make her less effective on crowd control but not enough to make her ineffective. Both of them are weak on their own so they have to fight together to be strong. Wendy's disadvantages are halved while Abigail's health is twice as big and her damage is 1.5x bigger if they fight together. All aggro will be on Abigail if the enemy is single-targeting however if the enemy can hit multiple targets at once, all damage between the two of them are halved. Abigail is now treated not as a mob but as a human when it comes to damage.

Notes: I made this because I saw a thread talking about Wendy being too op and a Wendy main, I have to agree. Wendy is too reliant on her sister which makes it less of a sisterly bond and more of a servant protecting her master. I saw multiple things brought up such as lowering her health and increasing the sanity loss but these will just make her more reliant on her sister. My main goal was simple which was to make them weak alone but strong together. These are only my opinions and if you have a different one then good for you.

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