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Annoying console Mob pathing and mechanics that could be implemented

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I have been playing don't starve reign of giants for nintendo switch for a while and although it has been pretty fun i have seme issues with the pathing of some mobs, especifically, "friendly" mobs.

Maxwells shadow puppets are great but for some reason whenever i try to chop a tree, mine a boulder or simply fight they run away from me when i get too close to them, making them stop whatever they were doing and just run around doing nothing.

Abigail has great area of effect attacks but her pathing is so janky at times i cant even play properly, if i get too close, she floats away and when fighting monsters she usually just doesn't go for whatever I might be attacking and rather stands still and wait for me to come closer to her so she can attack. Lastly at night, since she will fly away if you get too close you can't use her light to your advantage.

Controls in the switch version are wierd, i have played dst and don't starve feels like its missing things, for example since you can only interact with items or things that are highlighted to the player webber just feels annoying to play because you have to move the spiders around you to collect what they drop, this is specially annoying when trying to collect moster meat from them. Anotehr issue i find with the controls is that sometimes the game highlights a mob that is neutral or even friendly instead of the things that are actually trying to kill me, this makes fighting with ally pigs or spiders too risky because you might hit them by accident, why can't the game just highlight hostile mobs first?


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