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Severe Case of Noobitis

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Okay. So I know this is the equivalent of going onto a board for advanced physics discussion and asking what 2+2 is, but I'm absolutely losing my mind. I am fresh off the press when it comes to coding. I am sure there are chimps with better understanding than I have right now. Nonetheless! I love DST and decided to use the extended character template creator, you know, to get a taste for it? I followed all the instructions. My mod does show up in my server mod list when I'm building a world! But the character is nowhere on the character select when my server loads. Just gone. Only the defaults are there.

I also get this warning whenever I click it first:
"WARNING: This mod hasn't been tagged as compatible with Don't Starve Together. It may cause issues with your game."

I really struggle to understand text instructions, so what Klei says about steam is vague to me. Do I need to upload it to the steam workshop? And... if so, how? I keep jumping between steam on client AND steam on browser but I really can't find even an OPTION to upload it anywhere? Will I need any other programs? ...assuming that's even how it works in the first place? I feel like I'm going to regret posting this, but. Well. If I'm too slow to figure it out on my own, I'll at least save myself time by sucking it up and asking for help, right? Meh.

(Also, I feel like I should say: searching for an auto-complier or any sort of uploading feature just... turned up nothing in my whole DST program folder, nonetheless its mod folder? I did buy the game legit. I don't understand. : / )

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in the mod folder, there should be a file called "mod_info". in this, contains a buncha stuff but in this specific instance there is only one thing you need to care about.


there should be a bunch of "X_compatible = true/false" statements early on in the file. make dst_compatible = true.


Also, when you're ready to upload your mod, you can find don't starve mod tools in your steam library, and from there I believe it'll be obvious what must happen for you to upload your mod.



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