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A bunch of New Content Suggestion

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Welcome to comment if you approve these of my ideas and want them in the game. I want new content as I love this game so much.

Honey Pot
6x Broken Shell

Can store at most 40x Honey (Same as a stack of Honey). Each Honey increase 2.5% amount Honey in the Honey Pot, and can't be taken out again. Player can eat Honey inside, consuming 1.25% every second and restore 2.5 Health, 5 Hunger and 1 Sanity. As a result, it restores 3 more Health, 0.625 more Hunger and 2 more Sanity then directly eating a Honey. Honey in Honey Pot never spoils. Hammering a Honey Pot will give back all Honey inside and 3x Broken Shell. Can't be put into Ice Box.

A Honey Pot will attract Bees in nearby like Flower, but can't consume the Honey inside.

Usage: Infinite storing Honey (Not essential), increasing the benefit of Honey in exchange of can't be taken out again.



Empty Glass Bottle
6x Moon Glass 1x Rope 1x Wax Paper

A handy bottle that can be made into some foods' container. Stacking up to 5x.
Has 2 Slots when hold in Hand Slot as storage and placing specific item inside will create a new item.



Meat Lure
1x Empty Food Bottle 1x Jerky 1x Monster Jerky

A special item that can be deployed by dropping in the ground. On the ground, all creatures that eat meats will be attracted by it, running to the lure like Hounds run towards their Mounds. The attract area is bigger that a normal meat on the ground.  A creature will stay for at least 10 seconds and at most 30 seconds.

After that they lost interest and gain a resistance: Less likely to be attracted by any Meat Lure and will stay less long. The resistance can stack. A Lure in ground will start losing durability. After 5 days, it will run out of durability, dropping 1x rot and 1x Empty Food Bottle.

Usage: Can be used as a safe variant of Pig Skin (Can't be eaten or burnt down), but not infinite.



1x Empty Food Bottle 2x Butter 32x Petal

Can be placed on the ground. Provide a big Sanity Aura of +18 Sanity when stand close to as it smells pleasantly. A Perfume has 10 days durability but will not disappear when out of durability. Can be repaired with Petal for 0.3 days durability or Butter for 2.5 Days durability.

A Perfume will attract Bees, Butterflies and Moon Moths nearby, but wouldn't have effect on it.

Usage: Greatly raising Sanity.



Moon Moth Bottle
Created by placing a Moon Moth into an Empty Food Bottle. Can be equipped in Hand Slot and have a item slot that can only be put in Moon Moth. Only 1 Moon Moth can be put inside at the same time. When a Moon Moth is present, a slightly small light will glow and provide passively +6 Sanity/Minute effect when held. Moon Moth will starve in normal speed. If the Moon Moth in the Bottle is removed or died it will revert back to normal Bottle.

Can be dropped on the ground to provide Sanity Aura with exact Sanity boost and brightness.

Moon Moth nearby will be attracted by Moon Moth Bottle, but wouldn't have any kind of effect on it.

Usage: Item that can negate Sanity lost in Night and Cave like Tam o' Shanter, and use food instead of Light Bulb, etc. to refuel the light.



Fist Full of Jam
Berries/ Juicy Berries /(Cooked Version) : Honey = 2:1

Placing at least 2x Berries/ Juicy Berries and 1x Honey inside Empty Glass Bottle can create a Fist Full of Jam, with out the need of Crock Pot. Right Click to receive the Fist Full of Jam and you can make a stack at one time. The food's freshness is based on the freshness of Berries/ Juicy Berries and Honey.

Usage: Increasing the value of Fist Full of Jam.



Glass Fragment Trap
Deployed by placing Moon Glass on the ground. When a creature except Players and Chester, etc. walk through it, it will deal 30 Damage and lose 10% durability. Can be removed by using a Shovel and 50% chance to return a Moon Glass. The animal that be hurt by the trap may run like catching fire because of pain.

The durability of it is indicated by the number and size of the     glass fragment displayed.

Usage: A easier version of Tooth Trap and doesn't need to be reset. Also, it has a slightly larger range.



Frost Trap
3x Moon Rock 3x Blue Gem 3x Ice

When a creature walk throught its trigger area in 1 second, it will explode, dealing 50 damage and induce freezing effect equals to 5 Ice Staff Spell. Can freeze players.

Usage: Instantly freezing a bunch of Animals for players' own use.



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