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i forgot what i was doing halfway through this

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This is a post where I ramble endlessly about my favorite Don't Starve character, WX-78. Imagine this with like, a cool narrator voice. Yeah, like that.  It's... just a summary of information you probably already know. Enjoy?

WX-78 is a Don't Starve playable character who was added to the game in its January 2013 "Spoiled Rotten" update, which also added the feature of food spoilage. As a "counter" to this new feature, one of WX's main perks is immunity to the effects of food spoilage. A cool feature, but it's really gross when you think about it too hard...  ANYWAY. WX's other quirks are being damaged by rain and wetness, being able to upgrade their stats by eating gears, and entering "System Overload" when they are struck by lightning. Entering System Overload heals their health by one hundred points, but decreases their sanity by thirty three points. When they are in System Overload, they are able to walk significantly faster, they emit enough light to keep the terrors of the darkness at bay, and they are immune to freezing.

WX is also notable for being the first and only (so far) non-binary character in Don't Starve. Though when they were first introduced, they were sometimes referred to with he/him pronouns, this has long since been revised. Now all applicable lines in the game refer to them exclusively with they/them pronouns, and Maxwell even refers to them with the title Mx., a gender neutral counterpart to Mr. and Ms..

Their main personality quirks shown in their dialogue are their lack of empathy and their strong dislike for organic living things, AKA; plants, animals, and most notably humans. Though they lack empathy and are quite hostile towards organic matter, they are shown feeling familial and platonic bonds and attachments to mechanical objects, regardless of whether they are actually sentient; referring to things like the science machine, ice flingomatic, electrical doodad, and many more with terms such as "mother", "brother," "sister," and "friend". Notably, despite finding the harm or death of humans and animals funny and entertaining, they seem quite distressed if a machine is destroyed, with quotes like "YOU ARE MISSED, BROTHER.", and "MOTHER, NO!" when examining burned machines. Interestingly, we don't yet know who exactly created WX, and why. More on that later.

Another thing we don't know at the time of me writing this is why and how they came to develop their dislike for organic life. It could be interpreted as a classic case of hating what you don't understand, with multiple quotes implying they fail to understand why humans and animals do and feel certain things. They seem to expect everything to have a logical purpose related to survival, a reasonable misconception for a robot in the Constant to make. They don't seem to know of many things that exist in the real world, like traditions and also cats for some reason. This leads me and others to believe that perhaps they never really had a chance to live "normally", likely entering the Constant soon after being completed for one reason or another.

you know, i had a lot of ideas for this, but all of them left my brain the more i typed, and now i don't even remember where i was going with this. thanks, brain. maybe i'll remember later. or maybe not.

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