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More Random Ideas for Interesting interaction of animals in DS

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More Random Ideas for Interesting interaction of animals in DS I occur to. Animals can have some more realistic moment


If a small animal like Rabbit, any insects or players, etc. enter the radius of Frog, it will stop moving and wait for that creature to move. Once it moves the Frog will attack it. Frog eats Butterfly Wings, Morsel, Fish Morsel, Monster Meat but not other meats. This makes frog more similar to real world's one.


Pigs, Bunnymen and Merms:
They have a Temporary Hunger Status. Everytime them come back their homes will reset the hunger and have full hunger in next day. Pigs have 100 hunger point and lost 25 every minute. Bunnymen have 50 hunger point and lost 25 every minute. Merm have 75 hunger point and lost 25 every minute. Eating anything will replentish all hunger point for them. If they are starving, they wouldn't lose any health but will randomly attack player seldomly when being very near even isn't hostile, only dealing slight damage. They will also say something about being hungry.

Pigs, Bunnymen and Merms can also farm food for themselves as an interaction to the environment, and players can take advantage from this. Pigs can fertilize mushrooms near them and make them have 10% chance to grow instantly without the need of rain, but Pigs will also eat them if they can. Pig will also fertilize the Berry Bushes to instantly grow Berry (5% chance) or making them gain 2x growing speed (75%) in 0.5 day, showing an animation of talking to crops (They can only do this to one bush only 1 time in same day). Similar to Gobblers, they now can also intake berries from them. Whatsmore, Bunnymen will eat the carrots near them once the world is created (Gaining a chance to grow a carrot for each one they eat). After that, sometimes they can plant a carrot similar to Wormwood (Players can't remove them with shovel). The carrot will grow into a carrot in ground. Merms is same as Pigs.

These actions are in random and will not be promised to happen. If players collect or digging the plants when very near starving Pigs, Bunnymen or Merms, they will be hostile towards players for a short time.


A small passive creature (E.g Rabbits) will stuck in Spider Net for 30 seconds. Then, the spider will come out and kill that creature. Spider will also sometimes hunt a creature except Rock Lobster, Bosses, etc. At this moment, all spider near and its nest's will automatically come out to hunt that animal except to Webber. But this is occasional and most time they only be hostile singly.


They are not crucial, but just something that can be made for players.

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