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This Shouldn't Be A Bug

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  • Fixed an exploit allowing spider nests, lureplants, and fossil pieces to be placed in the same location over and over again.

Looking to the old game code, and 


they actually setted it to none, and this feature is a good one in my opinion, since it can do tons of creative stuffs and convenience things like you can use a minisign to "mark" a place and place the lureplant on it to make a "lureplant trash can" without check the location after winter ( lureplant won't grow any new eyeplants after it's eyeplant dies if it don't have enough valid "eyeplant location", and that's a real bug, codes in components\minionspawner.lua )

I'm not hoping they change it back, but if they only don't want ppl stack those thing in the same place, just check for nearby same type of ents, instead of change the deploy spacing to defaut and I do hope this change can be in "feature", not in "bug fix", since the old designer did want it this way and I do enjoy what they designed

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