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Bed, table and toilet mechanics re-worked.

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Just throwing an idea here: Why don't You make a "Public" setting for Cots, Comfy Beds and tables with priority and toilets with priority.

An example of such system would be a dupe with piloting skill living on an asteroid "A". He has a bed and a table assigned, respectively "A-B" and "A-T". He uses an outhouse (toilet) toilet on asteroid "A" ("A-O") with "Public" setting and "Priority". A rocket "R" is built for far away missions with bed, outhouse and table ("R-B", "R-T" and "R-O" respectively). "Pilot" is assigned to the rocket and now he has option to use bed, table or outhouse (toilet) from either Asteroid "A" or Rocket "R". Toilet use is controlled by assignment (Public for both A-O and R-O) and "Priority", let's say A-O has higher, bed and  table is controlled by "assignment" and "priority". This means until the destination is set and all of the launch checklist is complete (apart from pilot being on board), "Pilot" will use bed, table and toilet on Asteroid "A".

As soon as the rocket is in flight, "pilot" uses Public bed, table and toilet on a rocket.

Upon landing on asteroid "B", it has bed, table and toilet ("B-B", "B-T", "B-O") set to Public and higher Priority than R-B, R-T, R-O. So "pilot" now goes out of the rocket and uses the amenities on asterod "B", instead of sitting in the rocket, until destination is set and checklist is filled (apart from pilot being on board).

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