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This is my opinion on how to make the rocketry system better to a certain extent.

Space-time Warping

The main reason why people want to break rockets is mainly due to the fact that you can warp reality. A simple fix would be that different command modules have different spaces, or dedicated space-time reality warping technology to get mini-maps inside of larger maps.

Burden Fix

This is one that could make recreational rockets complete with hot tubs incapable of flying, mainly due to the extra burden that comes with more mass. Sure, all modules would ignore mass until a certain extent, when it then becomes too much to handle. This would add extra burden per few tons of extra mass in the command module.

Light Levels

This seems simple enough: Unless a rocket is in space, or is experiencing lots of light, the rocket's personal dimension gets light relative to the light it is around. Space enables that dimension to get full light, deep underground no rocket should be able to work.

These are merely just my suggestions to give us back the ability to create pocket dimensions with access to the outside world, they don't need to fly through space, we just need tardis-like storage.

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