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My game crashes just efter showing the Klei logo, is it my computer or game?

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My game crashes just after I load it - just after the klei logo and before the DLC welome.
I cannot press any of the buttons. I haven't played since yesterday, where it worked fine.

I have had the files validated through the game's local folder

I have re-installed the game - when i did that it came with the error, but this time the buttons could be pressed.

Anyone got ideas?

EDIT: the game works without the DLC





The game now works. I said I wanted to play the DLC while inside Vanilla, and that somehow magically worked. For now :)

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There was a problem for a while with vanilla leaving behind files when you swapped to the DLC. This could corrupt the function of the DLC and require it to be redownloaded. I believe this bug has mostly been address.

This is also not the best subforum for this post. There's a specific "Bugs" portal.

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