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[Suggestion] Takes From option

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I would like to present you, if not done yet by someone else, the "Takes From" option. This option would be available in any building that can contains resources. It would allow to set from where this building can takes its resources from, meaning that dupe will take resources from one or more storage bin that we selected and just won't take any resources that are laying on the floor or another storage bin. By default, this option would be set to "everything".


It would enable players to setup supply chains from the place where they get the resource to one or more storage areas. This will work very well with Proximity Priority. It will also allow us to micromanage how much a specific station can use resources by directly setup a bin to 0 Kg or even enable us to split our resources and be sure that it will be allocated to THIS specific station/building. Finally, dups movement flow will be - in a way - controlled when it comes to deliveries.

Where does it come from?

I'm an ardent player of Dwarf Fortress. And in Dwarf Fortress, you can do stuff like that to control dwarves flow and make them more efficient in their movements (among other things).

Thanks for reading!

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This can already be done, by placing storage bins full of, say, iron ore next to metal refinery, with a storage bin that takes refined iron on the other side. With a single auto-sweeper that can reach all 3, iron ore will be stored in the bin until the refinery needs more, then it will be refined by a dupe, and finally will be picked up again and placed in the second storage bin, ready to be made into something.

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