Feedback after 16h play

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Really keen on this game, here are my thoughts.

I feel like there's not enough incentive to add cards with new effects to your deck. If I don't already have a card with Burn, why would I choose to add one to my deck as a reward, or choose that as an upgrade? I end up playing through the whole run with a very effective but very vanilla set of cards.

I've been caught out several times with cards doing something I don't expect, and I think wording could be improved. For example, when a card "consumes 1 [x], does [y]", I expect it to work even if I don't have any [x], but it doesn't. It's a real feel-bad moment when this happens, and it could be clearer.

Following on from that, I dislike that you can't start an encounter over and have it play out exactly the same. This would at least let me re-do encounters where I make a dumb mistake or misunderstand how a card works. "Rerolling" the encounter if I restart feels wrong, and it also lets players get out of a really bad draw if they want to.

Final thing; I'm not a fan of mettle at all. It's super grindy, and the effects you get are really dull - a few extra shills, a couple extra hp? Especially given that there's an upgrade system in play too, it feels totally unnecessary. I played Everspace a while back, which has a similar mechanic, and it was not fun.

Love the setting, love the artwork, love the concept, love the writing, love the animations; tweak that cardplay and you've got me.

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