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I want to make a Beefalo mod, I need help!

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Hello! my name is Ursu Amiel, i have a youtube chanel named Gablad, and i want to make a mod...

the tutorials from youtube is not helping me, im dumb and i don't understand them... pls help me with this mod!

I want to make a beefalo mod because i love Beefalos <3, i want to make new saddles like, floating saddle, invisible saddle and stuff like that. i also want to make armor and chotles for beefalo! like marble armor, clock work rook costme, bat costume and thing like this, you know! and the last (or not, mabye i will change my mind later) horns accesories! horns with bulbs, horn with leaves or horns that look somewhat robotic (clock work rook but not like his horns), that's all abaut look but i REALLY want this thing! i want the beefalo to can swim! and is not need to be on the boat then he's beaking, he can go on the water like the woodie in the duck form and beefalo dont walk on water he will be with feet in water like in the image! AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! then some one riding the beefalo he need to look like walter then he riding his dog! (he need to smile like in the photo) that's all, who can help me doing that is my hero! if you want to help me make a comment with your discord and we can talk! (sorry for my bad english, im romanian!)image_2021-01-11_215127.thumb.png.bf57c09453fb1c78b1e67f781db8da54.png

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