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Dst I need Help! "Disconnected"

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Each world that I create after some time I am disconnected (happens randomly without specific time), at first I thought they were the cause of the mods, but I have already disabled and continue taking disconnect,
 I was on LAN and then I decided to create a dedicated server see if the problem stopped, but didn’t stop, What would be the options to try to find where the problem is?
- Internet connection is 40mb
- I'm playing with my wife on 2 different computers and different steam accounts on the same network
- both computers are disconnected at the same time
- even in the dedicated, the 2 are disconnected at the same time
Any solution? sad for not being able to play!
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I found the problem! Hope this may be useful to another player too, the issue was in the character Wormwood, Somehow this character was causing some bug in the server, on the "server log" shows me something about LUA ERROR with Wormwood, I changed the character and the problem with "disconnected" stop! But the solution until now I havent found! For now I can play without disconnect error with other character. Happy for being able to play!

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