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Suggestions for developers (Big project)

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Hello dear DST community and developers, I'm a veteran player of DST and I'm also studying to become a developer. My brother and I played DST for some time now and we kinda got bored of it because we've beaten every single boss available in DST and we've explored most of the contents of the game. I'm thinking maybe this could be time for DST players to experience something like in the single player version, like world hopping. So my suggestions are players get one key if they defeated every boss in one world, so the players would get 3 keys if they defeated all the bosses in each world, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Hamlet. Once they've obtained 3 keys they can open another portal to the mainland (where Wilson was before he got abducted to the DS world). Or the players can have 3 keys to summon an end boss. That's pretty much my concept for improving the game plus to open up much more content for us veteran players. Guys what do you think of this suggestions?

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