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Multiworld list of dupes are tedious to use

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When you have several duplicants on several worlds, dialogs showing all dupes become tedious to use : skill screen, priority, schedule and assignment panel, ...

The headers to separate worlds is a good start but each section should be collapsible and all sections but the current world should be collapsed at opening.

For the scheduling panel, IMO one should be able to choose a world (or "all") using a dropdown menu to restrict which dupes are shown.

For the assignment panel (on cots, tables, suits, ...), only show the dupes in the current world.

Note : I think rockets at bay should be ignored in these lists. Said otherwise, only display top-level worlds (e.g. planetoids and rockets on orbit) in these lists.

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I second the collapsible asteroid menu in this context.  Plus, do your Dupe heads scroll up above the header on your game?  They do on mine.  Quite comical.

So much to say on scheduling and assignments panels, the data shown on mouseover needs to be integrated into the checkboxes somehow.  I will have to give this more thought.  For now, Collapsible menus - Go :)

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