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Slopes and Stairs, a visual flair imo.

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I like where the game is, and where with the DLC the game is going with one exception... you really cant build anything except flat set of blocks, its not just inefficient its just looks bad when you try being different.

Slopes and stairs, even if they cause a slight slowdown with dupe movement, and is technically the same as a solid tile in regards to the physics... visually it would allow for a lot more expression... you would get less 4xBlockxLevels each time you play, you may get some sloped blocks, offset blocks, ramps, sloped bases.

At least think about it... make it a dupe only thing, like - 5% move up and + 5% down, but acts likle a solid block otherwise, a visual thing.

( Oxygen Not Included - Spaced out DLC - no mods enabled)

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