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A little tip for keeping up a nutrient rich soil

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I'm new to the forums so sorry if this doesn't belong here. I just wanted to share something I've been implementing with the new farms.

Getting nutrients in the farm plot is simple enough regarding compost and manure. You just need a berry bush farm and you can just let half rot and feed the other half to a werepig (or just collect 2-3 harvests to feed them to the werepig at once) and boom, easy rot and manure. 

The growth formula however is much more involved and I honestly can't be bothered to go and collect kelp for this.

Instead I suggest this: simply grow 1 harvest of just garlic. Garlic produces growth formula and manure (4 per stage) and consumes compost (8 per stage), so if you plant 9 garlic in one plot it will produce 9×4×4 (there are 4 stages) = 144 growth formula and manure each. A single farm plot can only hold 100 of each nutrient so this is more than enough, feel free to optimize it by planting other stuff alongside the garlic. This will suck the plot dry of any compost (can't go below 0 though) so once you've harvested the garlic just add rot to compensate. With 13 rot you reach the max that the plot can hold. Considering rot is by far the easiest fertilizer to amass large quantities of, I believe it's very much worth it.

Of course of you only do balanced farms this won't be necessary. This is more in case you were growing something that requires growth formula (eg. carrots) and you want to do a balanced farm afterward for giant crops. This will ensure the starting nutrients in the soil are sufficient so no stress is accumulated when you start the balanced farm. And hey, getting a harvest of garlic isn't bad either. You get a vegetable which lasts 15 days and is always in season, so you'll get a seed back too.

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