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Looking for people to play with. Phoenix, AZ; MST timezone

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I too am looking for people to play with.  I just discovered DST a few days ago (2020.12.25).  I only made an account here at Klei to find people to play with. 

  • Region: Phoenix, AZ; MST timezone
  • Looking for: Other people to play Co-Op with, preferably in the continental USA. As long as you're not annoying, I don't care about your age or sex. I get on fine with most people. I've traveled a lot and met many many different types of people. But in this game, I prefer people who like working together and being understanding.
  • Setup:  PC(steam)
  • My availability: Basically anytime, due to covid.
  • Preferred character: Currently: Wickerbottom or Maxwell.  I seem to like organizing things, but I don't like the constant chore that is farming rabbits from their holes via traps.
  • Preferred Gamemode: Unending (Die and can respawn at entry portal)
  • Longest time survived: One year (with a friend.)
  • Biggest enemy killed: On my own, a spider queen. By getting enemies to fight each other? Moosegoose, Tree Watcher, Badgerbear. Never killed: Dragonfly, Deerclops, Walrus dude.
  • Skill level: Beginner (27 hours as of 2020.12.28): can setup a base and survive winter. Only survived summer by retreating into the caves and struggling.  I avoid public games because I've heard of trolls burning/killing/looting everything, which isn't fun for me.
  • Currently used mods: Nothing crazy, quality of life mods. Minimap HUD, Seasonal/temp displayed HUD, Enemy health bars, Building Grids. Not looking to play with people using game breaking mods, or custom characters.

Goals: Actually have time to breathe in this game. No crazy mods, I wanted to play as close to the basic normal game mode as possible. DM me and talk about your own preferences and we can go from there.

Happy surviving.

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