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the question of rocket flights mechanics

the question of rocket flights  

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  1. 1. the question of rocket flights

    • Removal inside rocket space
    • Allow oxygen to be pumped into the pilot's cabin and to pump out carbon dioxide.
    • Make the rope fiber more accessible early in the game.
    • Make gas masks not disposable, one mask one device for her.

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I really liked the new addition to the original version of the game, but there are a few comments that I think spoil the positive impression about it. Below I will try to argue my point of view, and convey to you my vision and understanding of some mechanics that, it seems to me, need to be improved or changed altogether. In this article, first of all, we will focus on space travel, which was given to us by the space out add-on. The screenshot below shows the inside space of the rocket, it is about this aspect that I want to express my subjective opinion.  As we know, this space is strongly limited by many rules, first of all by its size in cells, and secondly, it is completely isolated from the outside world, it is very difficult to flexibly rebuild it according to the needs of dulicants. Therefore, when the player has a desire to explore the new content of the game, he is faced with a number of difficulties that greatly spoil the impression of the new principle of the rocket structure, and the rocket itself, upon arrival on a new asteroid inside, looks like a torture chamber for an unfortunate astronaut.  In particular, it looks something like this, everywhere there is dirty water from algae, somewhere in the corner there is rotten food, and in terms of the atmosphere 2 kg per cell of carbon dioxide.  I see several solutions to this problem, which I will probably put to a vote for other users who have bought this game. As you can see in the screenshot below, I tried to pump oxygen into the rocket cabin directly from the base, through gas pipes, and this would be a good solution, and pumping carbon dioxide through a filter and a plastic pump, but apparently such a mechanic was not initially assumed by the game itself. I do not like when the player is limited in solutions of this specificity, forcing to shoot tanks with algae, which are the only solution to the problem of maximum gas pressure and CO2 removal. The second navel could be the complete removal of the inside of the rocket space altogether, as was done in the original version of the game. You will say that I have forgotten about this method, that if the duplicate will fit into a rocket in an atmocoat, which will give him some supply of oxygen for several cycles, but this aspect has several disadvantages, the first of which is the consequence of the reed fiber as a resource on the original astroid, and the problematic extraction of this resource in general in the early stages of the game. Now I'm talking about the cells of the floor, which, after perforation, should give what the rope fiber is made of and some kind of material, but we get only a mineral.

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