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Suggestion for Disable notifications for buildings

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This has probably bugged me my whole 500 hours of playing ONI - the "Building lacks resources" and the even more annoying "Building Broken" messages/alert/notification. 


I usually just put the Electric Grill foods on forever repeat, because there really is no reason not to, however, this results in that annoying notification that will ALWAYS stay active. If i remove forever, i might forget that i have hundreds of sleet wheat grains already stored up that don't show up as Kcal.

The other one ofcourse, is building broken. Prespawned buildings near the bottom layer sometimes break the abysallite layer and thus over time, heat up and become broken (if i hadn't had a chance to patch the hole yet) and you get that annoying building broken notification that won't go away. I don't care about that building being broken.

The suggestion would be to simply add another button to the info popup, that would disable notification generation (similar to how Disable Autorepair will disable the errand generation for repair) for this specific building, no matter what it is.

PS! There is enough room for another small button as displayed in the picture below!


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