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Follow Cam needs more features!

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I was thinking about the Follow Cam button on dups, and how that feature could be made more useful.. And it occurred to me it'd be nice to have a few keyboard keys to improve that feature! Like a couple keyboard keys to cycle through duplicants, or a button to enable some sort of auto-follow mode, which automatically cycles through each dup. Maybe that auto-mode could even follow a different dup each cycle, or switch focus to different dups, every so often, based on when they start performing certain important tasks.

Right now, it's just a basic way to follow one duplicant as they go about their day, but what if it was a more cinematic way to watch over whats generally going on in our base? For those times when we want the game to run a few cycles on it's own, to clean up or get some builds done.

Something like this might even make Live Streaming the game more interesting. ;)

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