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UI Improvement ideas

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Hi guys,

BIGGEST FAN :) Thanks a lot for the great game!

So two things I would go crazy for:

 - Hot Keys for the buildings - like 1 is already for the first category - then I want to press 1 again to build whatever is the first there.

 - The other thing, if I cloud mark some stuff on the screen I built - and "save" it as a template - this would really rock.

Because I build baracks with air con and stuff around - and gets a bit boring after a while to build the same solution over and over again.


Thanks a lot!

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23 hours ago, Marczis said:


 - Hot Keys for the buildings - like 1 is already for the first category - then I want to press 1 again to build whatever is the first there.


not gonna work, you have more than 10 items in some tabs, so you would need to use 11,12 and so on, which will make it work even worse, cuz once you press 1, you picked 1st item, then you press 3, so you picked 3rd, not 13th...

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Ideally, distribute buildings according to purpose, Latrine and Washroom, essentially identical, you could have them in the same Plumbing Tab with showers and the Sinks or outhouse. making building a recreation room one tab, planning an industrial area one tab then wiring plumbing and building walls and doors around one tab. Redistribute emptier tabs like oxygen to broader a Resource redistribution tab including Water and Gas collectors, purifiers and vents etc.

Proposing new UI List (Bottom Left):

  1. Construction (Tiles, Doors, Ladders, General Storage, pipes and wiring)
  2. Living Quarters (Bed/ Cot, Toilet, Sinks, Showers, Mess Hall, Cooking)
  3. Healthcare (Current Health tab, Air Purifier) -Potentially shared between living Quarters like lifestyle and Production with the medical treatments.
  4. Recreation (combining Park room and Recreation room requirements with everything like the speakers and Sauna etc)
  5. Utility (Could include Water, Oil, Gas, Electric Collection, purification and distribution specialised Industrial Storage, including its specialised stations. - Wiring and piping if the Construction Tab is overfilled )
  6. Farming (including both plants and Ranching as one tab including its Specific Stations).
  7. Refinement (Plants to medicine, wool to textiles, ores to metals, Advanced component and suit fabrication).
  8. Automation (detectors, and everything in that section now, anything that can trigger anything else) 
  9. Rocketry (as now, potentially adding the Transit system. 
  10. '0' could then be Deconstruct. Leaving 1-0 options for other orders using the shift command.

Following on from this Topic:

This would balance to 10 options for the UI bottom right of the screen for the Dupe's Commands. then available from 1-0 respectively by moving Deconstruct in line with construction. 



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I've always thought it would make more sense to attach the number keys to on map points of interest than to the various building tabs. Perhaps add in a Furniture building which is a little Flag that hangs on the wall and associates with a given hotkey. Press that number and your camera will zip to the next flag with that number.

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