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Inscriptions on Tasteful Memorials?

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"On the night this poor dupe went to bed
6 tonnes of water dumped onto his head 
while others slept sound 
indeed he did drown
Now I use his room as a water tank instead"


I know this isn't really game impacting stuff, but a place where you can add a text box for custom inscriptions on tasteful memorials would be hilarious and add a reason to revisit them again.

I haven't killed a dupe in a long time, but while testing out the new alpha i did and after a box of kleenex, tub of ice cream and an afternoon watching the W channel; I came to the conclusion that what was most unsatisfying about this dupe's untimely demise was the lack of closure on the matter. If only I could make his death a PSA to other dupes so that they might be warned about the specifics of the unfortunate ends of their friends. 



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