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[BUG] - Breathability - 100% -> 25% -> 100% - On Digging

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Steps to reproduce:

Started game on Swampy Asteroid and have mainly Polluted Oxygen. Built 2 Sublimation Stations and I have 5 colonists at cycle 11. Air pressure is at maximum. Breathability is 100%. Oxygen overlay shows mostly very breathable with some patches less breathable and carbon dioxide building at the bottom.

Notice digging in general causes unusual variations in breathability returning to normal once digging stops.  Digging a shaft into another chamber seemed to completely throw the system.

From 100% before digging the shaft to 25% then rising back to 100% in less than 1 cycle with no noticeable change to the oxygen levels. See screenshot at the 25% and final 100% mark plus the chamber that seemed to cause the issue. 

Hope that helps.


I will post this on the bug tracker instead

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