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Rework Maxwell

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Shadow seed (creates a seed (1 seed 1 fuel), works as a tentacle only average.
-New shadow tools work at 125% (from the main characteristics, only Maxwell works with them)
-Shadow clone imitator (works 15% slower than normal, it can be tied to players (when pressed, it releases it back to Maxwell), the player to whom the clone is attached gradually loses his sanity, so Maxwell's max sanity decreases by 15%. Creating a clone requires 3 fuels)
-Codex Umbra (now has 3 levels, with each level the efficiency of clones increases, the initial efficiency of the clone is reduced to 60%, the maximum to 175%, the same amount of HP clone increases with each level. Leveling the book from 1 to 2 levels will require papyrus ( for new pages), a fountain pencil (for writing new pages), shadow fuel. From 2 to 3 requires amethyst and the same materials of the previous pumping, only in a little more resources. Also, the Umbra Code changes its appearance from its pumping. only Maxwell can be picked up and cannot be burned (only Maxwell can). Level 3 of the book increases fuel consumption by 1 (does not work when creating shadows) and increases sanity recovery by 0.7 per minute
-Nightmares (Receive only 80% damage from Maxwell and give 2 times less sanity when killed by (Maxwell))
-Death of Maxwell (reduces the level of the book, regardless of the distance to the owner. A separate slot for the book, upon revival returns the book to the owner, also increases the consumption of fuel for creating any things for all players (For a couple of days))
-With such a rework, we strengthen Maxwell with a long life and constant work with shadows and make players think more about their health.
-The numbers are taken from the head and can change with the balance.
If you have any questions about translation, I'm sorry I worked with Google translator. But I will try to answer everything

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