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Feedback from first hour of Spaced Out!

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Firstly: Absolutely love the DLC so far! There's so many extra things to play around with, to kill me and to master. I am so SO excited for the DLC getting into Early Release <3

I've only played the Alpha for an hour or two so far, but I thought it might be helpful to gather feedback about the early player experience! I have 600 hours or so in Vanilla.

In-game database

1. In the database, "Mud" says it's a "Composite" element... of what? Is it 50/50? Will I find this out later?

2. In the database, Spindly Grubfruit says it's 800 kJ, but the (assumed?) better Grubfruit is only 250 kJ. Why would I want to try and get Grubfruit, considering it's less kJ? Is the +1 morale really worth it?

Research screen

1. The research screen takes a long time to open up. It's quite a jarring delay.

2. The connecting paths between research nodes flicker around on the screen when I drag and move. Perhaps because I'm at high DPI settings? Seems like an anti-aliasing issue.

3. I'm not sure why I'd use the Research bar on the left hand side, but perhaps that's because I have a couple of dozen games under my belt.

User interface

1. I love the graphs and charts that show kJ, stress etc. So helpful! But I do wonder if a new player needs that experience - if you're looking for a way to de-clutter the user interface, you could lock it behind a Research tier?

2. Absolutely love being able to pin resources to the side bar. Could we have the ability to pin all [type] resources at once? E.g. to pin all Metals with one click, rather than having to individually go and select each Metal.

3. How do you turn off "New" pin on the resources side bar? It sticks around forever, even when you click on it, whereas the others have a red X to hide it. I would expect that clicking on the "New" logo would remove the "New" and replace it with a red X. Could be a nice easy win.

4. I don't like the resources list jumping around vertically when you select the different views. Once you know how a resource view works, you don't really need to see the tooltip again, whereas the resource list I'm always looking at.


1. I love the Plug Slugs, such an interesting new game mechanic! How do you peeps come up with these amazing ideas?!

2. Same with "Yucky Lungs". So simple but so clever. It really encourages you to get rid of your PO2 asap.

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