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Feedback of 100 days in Spaced Out

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Hello dear developpers and players,

       In this text I will discuss what I encountered during my first 100 days in the spaced out DLC alpha to give you some feedback. I hope it can help you. Thank you for doing this amazing game ! It only reflects my opinions, and it is up to you to choose in which direction the game is going. 
        1. What works very well : I think the DLC is great : it brings a whole new layer of complexity and life to the game where it needed it. You have multiple options throughout the game, and still need all the buildings (compared to before, when you built proper toilets,outhouses were of no use). I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it implemented. The added bonus and debuffs added to dupes are really nice and bring depth to them and to the "love/hate" relationship you have with them (I love "procastinator's power !). The difficulty is well balanced and the new challenges interesting. I encountered no crash at all, and no game breaking bug.
        2. Some things that didn't work so well :
- The printing pod stopped working, in my main colony saying 3.0 days until print, and in another, saying next print unavailable.
- glass in the POI felt a little too easy to deconstruct them to have many solar panels.
- skill scrubbing dupes with an innate skill did scrub that skill too. 
        3. Some things I noticed that didn't bother me but you might want to know : 
- The loading bar (when creating the world) restarted after infusing oxygen instead of being as usual
- At one point the consumables were shifted (not matching columns) until I restarted the game
- On one planetoid, there was a huge "rift" in vacuum and the world was basically split in two. Pretty awesome but perhaps unwanted
- On one planetoid, the teleporter POI was right into abyssalite, I could escape, but there might be cases where you can't go out without an experienced miner.
- At one point, the game said I had 15.71644 spindly grubfruits.
- There was an icon "plant flooded" outside of the map 
- Minor problems in the tooltips, but I think you will get to that later.

I attached the save file in case,
I hoped this helps, and have a good day


Alpha base DLC 1.sav

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