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Legend about a normal game

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Once upon a time I was in a audio chat with friend and he said: "I want to play DST for no reason". And a new world was born.

I asked him: "What you wanna do? Build a megabase or kill bosses?"

And he said: "I don't know", And picked WX-78.

  My friend have never seen ancient archives so he went there on day 3. He said: "Wow. Do you know there is a lunar biome underground where you donť loose sanity and where are no natural enemies. Perfect for a base!". After 1 minute he said again: "Now this cannot be real. Klei why this is real? Did you know you can hammer walls in the archives to get 4 stacks of full thulecite with no effort? That's so broken!"
I was thinking for a while and said: "No I didn't. This is normal Don't starve."

  We both agreed. And my friend went to ruins and repaired the crafting station there. Then he made lot of thulecite crowns and cubs (thulecite weapons). I asked: "Do you want to make the thulecite suit?". He said: "Maybe one or two. But Thulecite Crown has the same Damage reduction so why would I do that?" 
  It was wise because DST uses only one armor and thats the one with higher Damage reduction.

   My friend played for a while and suddenly a miracle happened. He told me: "OK. My world generation got bugged. The way to Ancient Guardian is cut. I need lazy explorer to get there". And we begun disscussion about how much OP is Wortex.
  Anyway my friend realized he want some gems and started fighting dragonfly with his thulecite set and I asked him for no reason: "Do you have Pan Flute and stone walls?"

  He said: "Ehm... I forgot about it." But he still won the fight because thulecite is the best gear in game. Also he had pireogi in inventory.

  Then he was thinking about killing Bee Queen because he never killed her. So he made lot more thulecite gear and pierogi and started the fight.

  One minute later I was trying to ignore his complains about stuns and Thulecite armor health. He said: "You cannot kite queen because you get slowed. You cannot hit her because you are trying to kill her Grumble bees because you dont want to get nearly perma-stuned." And then he said his final words: "Thulecite is best armor but still I must cheese the Bee Queen to kill her." And then he shut down the server and if I'm not mistaken he never continued in this one ever again.


- Be well

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