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Random UI feedback

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Resource display: I like being able to tag the most important resources so they're always visible, but I miss being able to quickly expand a submenu to check on a particular resource. Having the new resource window open in a modal seems clumsy.

I'd appreciate an add Expand/Collapse all button for the resource submenus.

The tiny resource graphs seem neither readable nor useful.

The resource icons in the storage container menus are great!

Thank you for the "Trapped dupe" notification.

Is there no close button on the "Research" or "Skills" screens anymore?

I approve of seeing the tile size calculation when selecting a digging area.

The directional arrow for the Oxygen Mask Station's build silhouette is hard to see.

On the "Starmap" screen, using the mouse wheel to scroll a Planetoid's description also zooms the Starmap in and out






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