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Chlorine pockets with NUTTY pressure

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I think I saw someone else post about this.. Anyway the chlorine pocket pressure on some asteroids is absolutely nuts. Not even sure if this is a bug or not... 





And that's right, a whopping 480Kg/tile down in this little crevasse



Seems like the move here is to either vent to space or to liquefy it... That is aside from just digging around the issue. I don't wanna commit an entire corner of the map to gas reservoirs, and I abhor infinite storage "exploits"


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@foosda I think we're gonna get to play around with radium chloride production/refinement once they drop this nuclear stuff! Can't figure any other reason they'd include chlorine in these quantities in the new biome.

That being said, I'm still getting these kinds pockets in caustic biomes on any asteroid that also has radioactive biome(s)

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