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FPS droping/stuttering on new PC

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Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out because I bought new high end PC, just received it today.

I used to play on my laptop to DST with a friend. Now I have a high end PC but I get this really annoying stutter every

10-20sec. I have modified quite a few bits inside the Configurations of my Nvidia panel such as Refresh Rate and Buffering.

It still happens. I don' know if anyone has other stuff I could try.


Many thanks.

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Recently I've updated my windows to the lastest version 20H2, everything was perfect except for only Don't Starve Together ( literally every other games work fine as they used to be). I noticed that before the update the game comsumes about 60%CPU and 30%GPU when standing in my base center, and after the update it consumes 50%GPU and some how the CPU usage keeps jumping up and down between 60% and 80% causing my game to be unplayable ( Losing smooth 60fps to 54-55fps). If I rollback I get my 60fps back but I don't do that anymore
My friend updated windows too and yet he got 60fps but looks like it 40-50fps. After this problem, he quitted the game and I only log in a few times to get drops ://

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