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Questions and comments after 200 cycles

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Hi friends and klei, after 200 cycles of the game I faced a bunch of problems with bugs and broken functions. I will write a list of everything I found during this time and a list of what I didn't find in the game.

1. Why do the rocket loaders load only the gas and water modules, do not load the tanks with the oxidizer, and so on.
2. Tanks and cargo modules are not unloaded. in. automatic mode. Thus, I got into a very difficult situation when I arrived on a rocket with a supply of carbon dioxide, but I could not fill the tank.

3.0 in the description of rocket engines candy power, but it flies an exceptional 2 quadrant.

4 Where are all the gas geysers all I could find is the geysers of sludge, brine and volcanoes Yes cool volcanoes of niobium and tungsten this is just the top of my desires, but I have a question where to get fullerenes now?
5 construction in the command module is something out of the ordinary that is, in 6 cells we need to shove the life support system, restrooms, electricity and water drainage. In my opinion, this should be built into the command module. All that I would like to embed in the command module is entertainment for the double.  

I'm trying to figure something out, but I just made some comments. Will oprostite I'm from Russia and I write through the translator so do not swear.

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